The Koeb project is the official team of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Koeb has developed a new solution for the modernization and renovation of the Hungarian building stock, primarily in suburban and areas and rural settlements. However, it is important that energy efficiency, environmentally friendly construction and residential use also play an important role in the Koeb project, while optimizing innovative technologies and functionality. The Koeb modules can be added to already- existing houses, and they are an effective solution to increase the lifespan of homes, reach lower energy consumption by utilizing solar energy, and contribute to improving the comfort and conscious use of energy for the population. Our build-in home refurbishment system consists of fully functional housing elements, modules such as Mechanical, Bathroom Module and the Sunspace. Prefabricated modules can be easily connected to existing one-storey residential buildings. For this reason, the tent-roofed cubic houses were given a prominent place in the project, also known as Kádár-kocka in Hungary, of which over 800,000 are today. Koeb can respond to a real problem with technology and creativity. The prototypes of the modules can be viewed at this year’s exhibition in the Koeb House.